We will offer a variety of programs for parents, students and educators to empower them with knowledge and new skills, all while building a sense of community within the school. Contact Kristy Higginbotham for more information.


Cinderella in Spain (20th anniversary)
Music by Mary Carol Warwick
Libretto by Kate Pogue 

When the King holds a fiesta to find a bride for his son, Prince Paulo, havoc breaks loose when two stepsisters crash the party. This doesn’t stop Paulo from falling in love with a mysterious señorita – but can he find her with no other clue than the glass slipper she leaves behind? Mary Warwick and Kate Pogue’s Cinderella in Spain is one of the most popular works in the history of Opera to Go!, and this hilarious bilingual adaptation has something for everyone. 

Students are treated to this show on November 28th! 


The Yuck Game Show is an energetic science assembly program based in Houston, Texas. The audience is divided into two teams to compete in curriculum-based science games and big, highly visual science demonstrations, with the winning team’s captain getting the ultimate prize . . . SLIME!

In this active experience, an average of 45 students per show come up on stage for engaging activities ranging from blowing smoke rings across the room to making beach balls levitate in the air, to using scientific equipment to determine the winner of silly relay games, all leading up to the grand finale of the show, when the “winner” is covered in slime! 

The Yuck Game Show will take place February 21st in conjunction with the Partners in Learning Night! 

"STAAR" Author Tracey Borgmeyer is coming to our STAAR Night and Rally on March 21st. Students K-2nd will join her in the library to listen to excerpts of her book and participate in experiments from her book! Check it out...
Students 3rd-5th are going to get pumped up for the STAAR test in the gym with some amazing fun too!