Look who answered the roll call when the dinner bell rang last month!

Texas PTA is proud to announce that Lloyd R. Ferguson Elementary PTA has earned the Honor Roll 250+ Club Award. You are one of 766 PTAs that received this honor and you accomplished this goal during the very busy holiday season which is very impressive. The 2018-2019 Awards Roster is updated monthly, check your PTA’s progress here. 

Don’t forget to share Lloyd R. Ferguson Elementary PTA's success with your CommYOUnity by posting the Honor Roll Award emblem proudly. What your PTA has accomplished since school started deserves to be recognized and celebrated!

We know December is a very fun and busy month for families. Our hope is that you will continue to invite parents, students, teachers, and community members to join your efforts to back the future of all children in Texas. Rally Day 2019 is not far away and #EveryMemberCounts as we prepare to make our voice heard in Austin. We wish you and yours a magical holiday season and, again, congratulations!

Member Services Team






For those of you thinking of joining, please join and help us meet our goal!! All family members welcomed to join, the more the merrier! http://www.joinpta.org😊