The Ferguson Garden is spruced up, weeded and ready to start a new school year.  Take some time to walk through our garden to enjoy our native plants.  Walk slowly and carefully, as you look for our Monarch caterpillars munching on the milkweed plants.

  Please help us protect our garden by going over these rules with your children:

Butterfly Garden Rules

1. Look only! Do not touch flowers, creatures or rocks without permission.

2. Students are not allowed in the garden unless supervised or given permission.

3. Walk quietly through the garden and watch where you step! (Caterpillar crossings everywhere.)

4. Throw trash in the trash cans.


  A huge thank you to Steve Van Buren of Citizen Landscaping and Lawn Care for giving us a great deal on preparing the garden for the first day of school.  Steven is a past student of Ferguson.  If anyone would like to help volunteer in the garden, please  sign up through PTA.  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you, Sharon Parrott (PTA Environmental Chair)

Here is a picture with a caterpillar on the milkweed!